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2018 new design fabric

2018 new design fabric

Shirting fabric is a tightly woven opaque cloth with high thread count. It has ideal shirting weight and is usually made of cotton. We offer shirting fabrics with various material, patter, design and color of premium quality.

Cotton shirting fabrics are perfect for warm climate and are made for casual or official wear and cooler weather.

We offer a vast variety of high-end cotton shirting in understated and bright solid colors. One can also find top shirting patterns like.

Java Wax Printing Cloth itself is a product of a variety of cultural blend.The batiks of various ethnic minorities in ancient China have their own characteristics. Such as Miao women,their turbans, aprons, clothes, skirts, leggings and leggings are made of batik. Others include umbrella covers, pillow covers, rice baskets, pajamas, School bags, straps, etc. are also used in batik, clean and clear patterns, simple and elegant. Batik Cloth is mainly based on Plain Weave Cotton Cloth, pretty and comfortable.

Wool has good elasticity, softness, unique shrinkage, and wrinkle resistance. Wool also retains warmth when it absorbs moisture or sweat. The garments made of Wool Fabrics are durable, non-deformable for a long period of time. Water wave Wool Fabric are extraordinarily sturdy due to the lack of aurorae, they are smooth, they are elegant and crisp, they are full of touch, they are classic, they are shiny and naturally soft.

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