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SHANDONG XINGTENG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LTD is a professional international trading corporation in international and domestic trading joint venture cooperative production intermediary trade and such like Our main business is importing and exporting of clothing fabrics including woolen fabrics cotton yarn yarn dyed fabrics batik fabrics rayon printed fabrics grey fabrics etc With solid financial foundation powerful information networks advanced technologies and manpower our company is soaring rapidly meanwhile we win trust of clients all over the world with good reputation Our factory lies in Linqing Liaocheng Shandong province which is the largest production base for batik fabrics in the...

Categories and Products

Woolen Fabrics

Single Face Wool Fabric

Top Quality Single Face 100% Wool Fabric Single Face Fabric 100% Wool Single Face 80% Wool And 20% Nylon Fabric 100% Wool Fabric Single Face 90% Wool And 10% Nylon Fabric 90% Wool 10% Nylon Fabric For Garment High Quality 90% Wool And 10% Nylon Fabric Soft 90% Wool And 10% Nylon Fabric 100% Wool Twill Fabric For Coat New Product 100% Wool Fabric Light Weight Cashmere and Wool Fabric Cashmere Blended Fabric For Garment New Design Wool Nylon Blend Fabric New Launched 90% Wool 10% Nylon Fabric 90% Wool 10% Nylon Fabric For Winter Cloth 90% Wool 10% Nylon Fabric For Lady's Coat Jacquard 100% Wool Fabric Wool Tweed Fabric For Fashion Coat Customized Tweed Printed Fabric For Advertisement Custom Grid Wool Tweed Blended Fabric 

Double Face Wool Fabric

Double Face 100% Wool Fabric For Garment Best Sell Most Popular 100% Wool Fabric Double Face 100% Wool Fabric For Winter Outwear Bright Color Wool Blend Rabbit Hair Fabric Soft 60% Wool 30% Viscose 10% Alpaca Fabric High Quality 90% Wool 10% Alpaca Fabric Double face plush wool For Jacket New Launched Colorful Stripe 100% Wool Fabric 60% Wool 30% Viscose 10% Alpaca Fabric Brightly Colored Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Fabric Multi Color Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Fabric White Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Fabric High Quality Classic Check 100% Wool Fabric Green Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Fabric Red Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Fabric Brown Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Fabric New Design Double Face 100% Wool Fabric Super Quality 90% Wool 10% Nylon Fabric Multi Color 100% Wool Fabric For Garment Wool Blend Fabric For Garment 

Water wave Wool Fabric

Water Wave 90% Wool And 10%CA Fabric Single Face Water Wave 100% Wool Fabric Water Wave Design Wool Mix Cloth Popular Water Wave 100% Wool Fabric Water Wave 95% Wool And 5% Nylon Fabric Water Wave 100% Wool Fabric Pink Water Wave 100% Wool Fabric 100% Wool Water Wave Fabric For Garment Double Face Water Wave Woven 100% Wool Fabric 2018 Winter Water Ripple Coat Wool Fabric Top Quality Double Faced Wool Coating Suit Fabric Natural Woven Wool Fabric For Winter Overcoat Luxury Soft Hand Fabric Colorful 100% Wool Fabric New Cloth Made Wool Woven Fabric Wool Blend Fabric For Uniform Good Wool Heavy Woolen Fabric For Coat Top Quality Wool Suiting Fabric For Suit Newest Customized Soft Blue Wool Fabric Winter Coat Double Face Wool Fabric Wool Blend Fabric For Fashion Cloths 

Alpaca Wool Fabric

Single Face 70% Alpaca 30% Wool Fabric High quality woolen felt fabric 90% Wool And 10% Alpaca Soft Fabric Single Face 80% Alpaca 20% Wool Fabric Heavy Coat Making Woolen Material Double Face Wool Blended Alpaca Coating Alpaca Wool Blend Fabric Online Wool Alpaca Blend Clothing Fabric Alpaca Wool Fabric For Sale 70% Alpaca 30% Wool Fabric For Winter Overcoat Super Soft White Alpaca Fabric For Garment Black Wool Alpaca Blend Fabric For Winter's Coat Deluxe 90% Wool 10% Alpaca Blended Fabric Deluxe Classic Herringbone Alpaca Fabric Silky Soft Alpaca Wool Fabric Pure Luxury Alpaca Blended Wool Fabric 

Plaid Wool Fabric

Double Face Swallow Gird 100% Wool Fabric 100% Wool Fabric Swallow Gird Brightly Colored Swallow Gird 100% Wool Fabric 100% Wool Plaid Fabric For Suiting Clothing Plaid Checked 100% Wool Fabric For Coat Black and white Plaid 100% Wool Fabric Small Pink White Plaid 100% Wool Fabric Warm Touch Wool Nylon Blend Plaid Fabric Small Black White Plaid 100% Wool Fabric Double Face Houndstooth 100% Wool Fabric Designer Wool Fabric For Women Clothing Blend Fabric Over-Coating Wool Fabric For Ouver Coat Soft Hand Feel Wool Coats Fabric High Grade Wool Cloth Material Woolen Fabric Modern Professional Plain Dyed Wool Fabric Woven Wool Blend Suit Fabric For Garment Suit Top Grade Heavy Weight Wool Fabric For Coat 100% Wool Fabric For Garment Fashion Coat 

Cashmere Fabric

69% Wool 30% Cashmere 1% Conductive Fiber Fabric Wool Blended Cashmere Coating Wool Cashmere Blend Fabric Smoky Gray 90% Wool 10% Cashmere Fabric Luxury Wavy Texture Cashmere Blended Fabric 

Wool Blend Fabric

Check 80% Wool 20% Nylon Blend Fabric Red Check 80% Wool 20% Nylon Fabric Olive Check 80% Wool 20% Nylon Fabric Plush 90% Wool 10% Nylon Fabric Plain Double Faced Wool Viscose Alpaca Blend Fabric Wool Viscose Alpaca Blend Coat Fabric Wool Nylon Blend Woven Coat Fabric Herringbone Wool Alpaca Viscose Blend Fabric Black White Herringbone Wool Alpaca Viscose Blend Fabric Double Face Wool Blended Fabric New Houndstooth Lattice Wool Blended Fabric Woven Houndstooth 60%Wool 30%Viscose 10%Alpaca Fabric Popular Worsted Wool Fabric High Quality Soft Felt Warm Wool Fabric 100% Home Textile Wool Fabric Fashion New Design Pretty Elegant Wool Fabric Wool Fabric For Dress Fabric Top Quality Garment Plain Dyed Fleeced Wool Fabric High Quality Wool Fabric For Womens Winter Coat Winter Coat Chunky Wool Woven Fabric 

100% Wool Fabric

Striped Woven 100% Wool Fabric Colorful Rainbow Stripe 100% Wool Fabric Woven Rainbow Stripe 100% Wool Fabric Colorful Warm High Quality 100% Wool Fabric Double Face 100% Wool Fabric For Overcoats Fashionable Color 100% Wool Fabric For Overcoats Latest High Grade 100% Woolen Fabric For Coat Fashionable Design Double Faced 100% Wool Fabric Classic Check Pattern 100% Wool Fabric 

Cotton Yarn

Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn

Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn JC40 Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn JC50 Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn JC60 Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn CF50 For Bedsheet CF50 Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn 

Bamboo Joint Cotton Yarn

New Fashion Bamboo Cotton Textile Fashion Cotton Yarn-Dyed Striped Fabric For Men Fabric Cotton Yarn Dyed Shirting Textile 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric For Garment Yarn Dyed Small Check Plaid Fabric For Uniform 

Siro Compact Spun

Siro Compact spun Cotton Yarn SCF40K Siro Compact Spun Cotton Yarn SCF50 

Batik Fabrics

Real Wax Printing Fabric

New Design Real Waxed Cotton Printing African Batik Cloth Fabric Real Wax Dress Fabric 100% Cotton African Batik Cloth Fabric Wax Batiktexitile For Home Textile Cotton Fabric Batik African For Wedding Real 100% Cotton Wax Dutch Wax Prints Fabric New Style Real Wax Printed Cotton Fabric New pattern Printed Cotton Fabric Real Wax Prints Real Wax Print African Fabric Embroidery Fabric Top Brand Cotton Printed Real Wax Fabric Wax Prints Fabric With Flower Pure Blue Wax Prints Fabric Cotton Fabric Wax Print Garment Fabric High Quality Wax Fabric For Women Dress Print Wax Fabrics For Dress And School Uniform 100% Cotton Wax Cotton Fabric For Women Wax Fabric Printed Fabric Women Dress For Party 100% Cotton African Wax Fabric Wax Print Fabric Cotton Fabric For Clothing 

Imitation Wax printing Fabric

100% Cotton Guaranteed Africa Cloth Best Selling Imitation Wax Fabric For Cloth Fantastic Wax African Hollandais Fabric Customized Design African Cloth Online Imitation Wax Printed Textile For Women Dress Java Batik Print Bedsheet Cotton Fabric Cotton Imitation Wax Prints Wrinkle Free Fabric Imitation Wax Fabric Wax Printed Cotton Wax Fabric High Quality Imitating Batik Printed Fabric For Shirt 100% Cotton Wax Imitation Tissus Wax Print Fabric Cotton Imitation Wax Prints Fabric For Upholstery 

JAVA Batik Fabric

Newest Java Wax Printed Texitile Java Plain Printed Cotton Fabric Western Africa JAVA Wax Prints For Cloth Customized New Design JAVA Wax Cotton Fabric Cotton Plain Java Print Batik Fabric For Dress Fashion Wax Prints Fabric New Design 100% Cotton Printed Fabric Batik Wax Print Fabric And Woven Technics Cotton Fabric 

Yarn Dyed Fabrics

100% Cotton Fabric

Stripe Design For Casual Wear Jacquard Cotton Cloth Silver Thread Double Layer Cotton Fabric Jacquard Design Cotton Cloth Fabric Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Chambray Small Check Cotton Fabric For Shirt Garment Bleached 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Fresh Color 100% Cotton Plaid Fabric Jacquard High Quality Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Plaid Pattern Cotton Fabric Best Price Yarn Dyed Cotton Plaid Fabric Classic Plaid 100% Cotton Flannel Fabric Soft Breathable 100% Cotton Flannel Plaid Fabric High Quality 100% Cotton Fabric Seersucker Hot Sale Check Cotton Shirt Fabric Stable Quality Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Seersucker Colorful Plaid 100% Cotton Seersucker Fabric Soft 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Seersucker 100 Cotton Yarn Dyed Chambray Fabric 

CVC Fabric

Plaid 100% Polyester Woven Fabric For Shirt Stripe Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric For Clothing 65%Polyster 35%Cotton Jacquard Yarn Dyed Fabric Stripe Jacquard Cotton Polyester Blend Fabric Jacquard Apparel Cotton Blend Fabric Cheap Price Polyester Yarn Dyed Shirting Fabric Soft Green Stripe Yarn Dyed Woven Shirting Fabric Hot Sale Polyester Blend Fabric Pinstripe Polyester Blend Plain Fabric Width57.5" Plain Classic Design Apparel Material Popular Pinstripe Woven Cotton Blend Fabrics Colorful Checked Shirting Fabric Cotton Blend Shirt Yarn Dyed Cotton Fabric Pure Color Comfortable Cotton Polyester Fabric Classic Check Pattern Cotton Blended Fabric Fashion Shirt Twill Fabric 

Tencel Fabric

Plaid Tencel Blend Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric Stripe Tencel Blend Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric 

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Fibers Fabric Provided Bamboo Fiber Cotton Blend Checked Fabric Fashion Plaid Color Bamboo Cotton Fabric Colorful Plaid Cotton Blend Bamboo Fiber Shirt Fabric Plaid Bamboo Cotton Blend Fabric For Clothing Bamboo Cotton Yarn Dyed Plaid Fabric Check Bamboo Shirting Fabric Stripe Bamboo Fabric For Men's Shirt Multi Color Plain Bamboo Cotton Cloth Cotton Slub Textile For kids Wear Soft Plain Bamboo Yarn Dyed Fabric Yarn Dyed Bamboo Stocklot Fabric 

Blended Fabric

Woven Twill Cotton Blended Fabric Single-faced Sanding Finishing Checked Fabrics Plain Cotton Check shirting Fabric Golden Thread Design Soft Cotton Fabric No Fluorescence Cotton Blend Fabric Hot Selling Basic Cotton Blended Fabric Loosely Finished Yarn Dyed Fabric Light Blue Check Man Shirt Fabric White And Black Check Plain Fabric Yarn Dyed Cotton Woven Fabrics For Garment High Quality Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric For Shirt High Design Stripe Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric 100 Cotton Yarn Dyed Woven Fabric Custom High Quality Comfortable Blended Yarn Dyed Fabric Fashion Shirt Garment Yarn Dyed Fabric 100% Cotton Shirt Fabric Yarn Dyed Cotton Fabric Woven 100% Cotton Shirt Fabric With Hygroscopic 100% Natural Organic Cotton Gauze Fabric Yarn Dyed New Style Beige Upholstery Fabric Cotton Plain Single Fabric For T Shirt 

Stretch Fabric

2018 Check Polyester Stretch Fabric Polyester 4 Way Stretch Fabric For Garment Printed Stretch Cotton Blend Fabric Polyester Blend Stretch Fabric Stretch Comfortable Yarn Dyed Woven Polyster Fabric Garment Pants Fabric 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric New Design Yarn Dyed 100% Cotton Shirt Fabric New Design Best Quality Shirt Yarn Dyed Textile Check Pattern TR Stretch Fabric Glen Plaid TR Stretch Fabric 

TC Fabric

Cotton Polyester Yarn Dyed Fabric Plain TC Fabric Stripe Plain Polyster Fabric 

Rayon Printed Fabrics

Good Quality Cartoon Character 100% Rayon Fabric Soft Flower Woven 100% Rayon Printed Fabric Hot Sale Rayon Printed Fabric For Ladies' Wear White Wave Point Rayon Printed Fabric Flower Print Rayon Fabric For Garment Making New Design Beautiful Flower Rayon Printed Fabric Colorful Flower Rayon Printed Fabric For Dress High Quality Elegant Rayon Printed Fabric Small Broken Flower Rayon Printed Fabric Elephant Design Printed 100% Rayon Fabric Modern Design Fashionable 100% Rayon Fabric Good Price Fashion 100% Rayon Printed Fabric Comfortable 100% Rayon Printed Fabric Rayon Printed Fabric With White Flower Pattern 100% Rayon Printed Fabric Little Star Moon Pattern Plum Blossom Pattern 100% Rayon Printed Fabric Fresh Big Flower 100% Rayon Fabric Unique Pattern 100% Rayon Fabric Rayon Fabric For Women Clothes High Performance Elegant Rayon Textile 

Grey Fabrics

High Quality Cotton Grey Fabric 

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